1 Living longer … there is someone living today who will live to age 150 … what if that were you? Is your retirement plan ready to pay out that long?
2 Accumulation vs. decumulation phases – the differences between the two phases
3 How do we control risk? How do you diversify well to minimize the “ups and downs” – also known as “volatility” – in a portfolio?
4 If we invest in various assets … so-called “Non-correlated investment classes” … can we lessen the volatility in our asset holdings?
5 The need to keep a certain portion of our investment portfolio in equities and other growth type investments … or risk running out of money.
6 Do only growth instruments have “risk” … or are there other forms of risk in all investments? What are the various types of risk?

Our first guest today is Sal Capizzi, Executive Vice President at Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc.. Sal discusses the six mistakes people make in their retirement portfolio’s.

In the second half of the show, hear from Stephani Lucas, President and CEO of The Annuity Consultants, who discusses the evolution of fixed indexed annuities and how they are creating guaranteed streams of income.

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1 Sal Capizzi
2 Sal Capizzi
3 Stephani Lucas
4 Stephani Lucas