01 Do You Know Your Car’s Tech?
Peggy says vehicle-safety technology is important both professionally and personally. She explains research from the National Safety Council shows that most consumers are unsure about how life-saving vehicle safety features work, which is where the “MyCarDoesWhat?” campaign comes in.
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02 Using Tech to Improve Urban Life
Jesse Berst, chairman, Smart Cities Council, says it has a Smart Cities Framework in its Smart Cities Readiness Guide that are the smart city’s responsibility, and for each vertical it has cross-cutting technologies. He explains in these early days, just in terms of dollars spent, he sees the most going to transportation, smart grid and energy, water, and public safety.

03 Progressing Towards Smarter Cities
Mike Zeto, general manager, smart cities, AT&T, believes we are making progress toward creating smarter cities. However, today, we are seeing more smart projects than smart cities, he explains, but in the future we will start to see more cities creating a holistic strategy.

04 Benefits of Plastic Electronics
Stuart Higgins, research associate in optoelectronics, University of Cambridge, says plastic electronics behave like conductors and are flexible, which opens up this interesting area that can be processed in different ways. He explains it is not clear what will come of all of this, but one of the key benefits is you are able to move to a regime where you can produce a large number of circuits quickly.