Connecting Your Brand to Real People With Marketing Strategies For All Levels of Your Business

In this episode, Nicole Rodrigues, CEO and Founder of NRPR Group joins us as our co-host as we chat with Jay Izso, Author of “Got Socialmedialogy” and Laurel Mintz, Founder of Elevate my Brand. As marketing pros who have years of experience and insights with regards to connecting brands like Susan G. Comen, Nestle, Yahoo!, Sony Playstation, and many startups to their target audiences, Nicole, Jay and Laurel help you understand that the core to your marketing efforts needs to connect to people on the human level. While Jay and Nicole discuss the value of being “human” on social media platforms, Laurel and Nicole take the converation a step further to discuss how big marketing events and ideas will only work if you connect with people through their passions. Gain advice for how to build your personal and your company’s social media presence, and what to do to elevate your brand to the big leagues. What do you need to do to attract more people to your brand? Listen to hear what the experts have to say.

1 Jay Izso – Author, Got Socialmediology
2 Jay Izso – Author, Got Socialmediology
3 Laurel Mintz – CEO and Founder, Elevate My Brand
4 Laurel Mintz – CEO and Founder, Elevate My Brand