Segment 1:  Dr. Christine Carter Title: “The Sweet Spot: How To Find Your Groove At Home And Work," sociologist and happiness expert Dr. Christine Carter says Ease and Strengths are the key! Website:
Segment 2:  Dr. Christine Carter Title:   Finding your own “Sweet Spot” means developing Happiness and Resilience,  not waiting for happiness – find out how Happiness really works! Website: 
Segment 3:  Dr. Berit Brogaard Title: “The Neuroscience of Romantic Love: Simple Truths about a Complex Emotion" from MD and Ph.D Berit Brogaard. Today on The Coaching Show! Website:
Segment 4:  Dr. Berit Brogaard Title:  “More Scientific Truths, “On Romantic Love” with author Dr. Berit Brogaard.   Plus a discussion on sex, unconditional love, and why manipulation in love is okay! Website: