Segment 1: Coach Casey welcomes author and psychotherapist Mark O'Connell to The PLAYroom to share great tips and tools for leaving the stress behind leveraging wedding planning "fun".  Mark discusses his extremely on-point book Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional, 21st Century Weddings. 
Segment 2:  Mark dialogues with Coach Casey about key ways to remove the stress from wedding planning with a focus on non-traditional couples: same sex relationships, women proposing to men, interracial couples. The conversation gets juicy as Mark and Coach Casey dialogue about what to do when family and friends aren't running to embrace your new bride or groom.
Segment 3:  Marriage and the outlook on the ceremonial pomp and circumstance of weddings has changed significantly over the years. Mark shares how lovebirds can benefit from the shift and not relate to marriage as an "oppressive institution". 
Segment 4:  Coach Casey wraps up the show by taking calls from a PLAYmate. Mark helps this soon-to-be bride get great advice on what to do when her fiancé isn't interested in participating in the planning.