Host, Nina Woodard, Past President, San Diego Society for Human Resource Management

Guests, Steve Austin, Regional Territorial Vice President, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

Jerry Volante, Agent, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

01: Intention and Background of Affordable Care ActC
Host Nina Woodard and guests, Steve Austin and Jerry Volante discuss the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it has been implemented in the past few months. Jerry and Steve cover all the aspects of coverage for health insurance as well as other coverage that could save a family or individual from financial disaster as a result of medical expenses or loss of life. Everyone now has access to healthcare insurance so everyone needs insurance. Whether through an employer or through state healthcare, this is mandatory. Due to the penalty of not having healthcare, it is now cheaper to have healthcare than not have it. They also discuss who needs coverage and why it could hurt otherwise.
02: Qualifying Events, Mature Workers, and Information for Small Business Owners
In this segment, Jerry shares the ways that an individual who has not yet acquired coverage, may get it in time to meet the deadlines without penalty. He also shares stories of events that can create an opportunity to obtain coverage as a result of a “’qualifying event” that may allow them to be covered outside the regular enrollment period. The topic then shifts to care of employees 50 years of age and older. One of the most important penalties a company can face is not providing insurance for employees past that age. As such, the guests suggest that small business owners call consultant companies like their own to provide custom care for all employees of every age.
03: Recommendations for HR Professionals and Small Business Owners
Jerry and Steve discuss the issues that HR and Small Business owners need to be aware of so that employees can be educated and offer the right kind of support for employees in their specific situation. Jerry discusses the concept of ‘mental wages’ that can help employees with health, life, disability and other insurance options which can also help the company from a tax standpoint.
04: More Information About HealthMarkets Insurance Agency
Health Markets Insurance Company provides individuals and small business the same kinds of coverage options that large corporations can offer employees. They are able to help the individuals build a comprehensive set of coverage that can save the assets and life style of individuals as well as small business owners. If you have a need, a question or a concern, please contact: