Segment One: NFL Free Agency 2015: Former NFL linebacker Zeke Moreno drops by to help our host review the week that was in Free Agency and the top players moving on in their careers. Follow the show on twitter:  @CSKeysShow
Segment Two: NFL Free Agency 2015 (cont.): We continue our conversation with former NFL linebacker Zeke Moreno about the 2015 Free Agency period that has taken many by surprise and the mind boggling moves by Chip Kelly of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Segment Three: NFL Free Agency 2015 (cont.): The conversation continues surrounding a Free Agency period that’s got some fans happy for their teams and others scratching their heads on what’s coming next. Follow the show on twitter:  @CSKeysShow
Segment Four: Worst Free Agent Signings: Though some signings in Free Agency are a franchise maker, there have been some that have broken a franchise. Our host reviews the Top 10 worst signings according to the NFL Network. Follow the show on twitter:   @CSKeysShow