Our guest on this episode is Nikita Coulombe. Nikita is a Millennial with a background in psychology and fine art. She is the co-author of Demise of Guys and the upcoming Man, Interrupted with Philip Zimbardo, which will be released April 1, 2016.

Nikita also runs a blog called BetterSexEd. Previous publications include The Book Of O: Orgasm Portraits, which initially got her interested in men’s issues. Nikita said, “many of the men that I interviewed said that they were telling me things about themselves that nobody else knew. I thought about how good it feels to be open and expressive and how many men don’t feel like they have that option.”

One of Nikita’s goals with her writing is to help each sex develop more empathy for the other sex, and help bring men and women on more balanced footing. She is pro-relationships and pro-family, which makes her, above all, pro-communication. On this episode, Nikita shares how the focus on gender equality and feminism cause us overlook the struggles and needs of boys and men. She believes that we can, and need to, focus on both. She is an advocate for men speaking up. “Women can’t hear what men don’t say.” Nikita encourages schools, families, communities, etc to hold space for men to be fully integrated men – to be fully themselves.

1 Man Interrupted
2 Helping Men and Boys Develop
3 Impact of Feminism on the Development of Men
4 Becoming a Fully Integrated Man