Soundoff #2

World Baseball Classic in San Diego
Sports is the ticket out
If Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., why do they have their own baseball team?
Come support the U.S.

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday?
The Altar of Jack’s Cathedral

Steve explores Jack Welch’s business strategies and how these strategies can apply to your personal life. Welch, the former Chairman & CEO of GE who led the organization from 1981 until 2001, implemented a number of powerful tactics that helped the company become the most valuable organization in the world. These strategies are discussed in Life Altering Principle #5, The Altar of Jack’s Cathedral in Steve’s New York Times bestselling book What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do and modified for implementation in one’s personal life.

Jack Welch and his team created, for GE, an evaluation matrix referred to as The Vitality Curve. Steve explains how you can take the same approach in your personal life and apply it to the four key areas of your life: 1) Family, 2) Friends, 3) Work/Hobbies, and 4) Spirituality.

The Vitality Curve template Steve developed can be downloaded at

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Soul-full Sunday

In this episode, Mary shares her experiences with going to see the movie Apparition Hill. The movie is a documentary about seven strangers who investigate the mysterious phenomenon of Medjugorje, a Bosnian hill where the Virgin Mary is said to appear each month.

Mary firmly believes the “Catholic Mary” is the mother of all. She goes on to tell her personal story of overcoming her freeway anxiety by praying the rosary, which leaves her wondering if she has now hit the tipping point of her faith.

What is your go to place for reaching deep inside to get through the anxiety, fear, etc?

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Apparition Hill

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