An entrepreneurial couple – Americans living in Mexico – fostering healthy Mexican-American business deals (including retirement communities for American baby boomers) –
and with a new ecumenical website advancing the idea of “love” and “peace” in the world

Given the swirl of adverse news coming out of Mexico, here’s a refreshing and bright story that stands out in contrast. An American couple, residents of Tepoztlan (in Morelos), who bolster goodwill and positive entrepreneurial relations between Mexican and American companies – Jeffrey and Catherine Chase Peters (“Cici”) – a dedicated entrepreneurial husband-and-wife team living in Mexico, have been dedicated to fostering successful U.S.-Mexican business relations. Their transactions have included start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling companies, tourism and residential retirement communities and vacation realty.

And now a spiritual component enters the story: they’re also reaching out to people all over the world via a new website with an ecumenical message of Love and Peace

On the business side, and looking at the trend of the burgeoning American babyboomer market, the Peters’ babyboomer retirement community ventures are a noteworthy recent development: reaching out to American babyboomers with luxurious yet cost-saving residential communities in Mexico.

“We are the first developers to bring world class retirement communities to American babyboomers with US medical care offered in English,” said Peters.

The Peters are President and Vice President of The U.S.-Mexican Development Corporation. Jeffrey Peters founded USMDC in 1978. The corporation maintains offices on Park Avenue in New York City, though the Peters spend most of their time in Tepoztlan, in the Mexican state of Morelos (regarded as Mexico’s spiritual capital). “I believe that Americans can benefit economically through profitable investment and commercial transactions with Mexicans, and vice-versa,” he says. “While the entrepreneurial spirit was a key motivator for us, it goes beyond that, because we fell in love with Mexico and the deeply spiritual Mexican people – a people of heart, compassion and deep culture – a people who have much to give to Americans in comeraderie and friendship.”

The Peters’ new website, “A New World Community of Love and Peace”, states as its mission: “To co-create a new world community of love and peace. We hold these two words – “love” and “peace” (“love first, then peace”) – as more than mere words. Rather they reflect the deepest yearning of humankind – and indeed the intention of the Creative Intelligence and Nature Itself – for deep reverence for all life and the emergence of a profound harmony in the world among and between all human beings. Everyone’s invited. Everyone – believers in God and non-believers alike – are included.”

On this website, the Peters have also highlighted the work of two charities, one Mexican, the other American: Mexico City-based Ministerios Y Amor (Ministers of Love) which helps Mexican street children; and God’s Love We Deliver, a New York-based charity that provides free meals to poor families. “Both of these organizations come from a love-centered philosophy,” said Jeffrey Peters, “and they deserve our support.”

Jeffrey Peters was co-founder with his wife Cici of WE THE PEOPLE, on whose behalf he ran as candidate for President of the United States in 2000. He has worked with Mexico for over thirty years. A graduate of Harvard College, with a B.A. in Government, and a Masters from the University of the Americas under a Ford Foundation Fellowship, he has successfully completed over 100 U.S.-Mexican business transactions.

A corporate member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico (AMCHAM), Peters has arranged a wide variety of ventures.

Catherine H. Chase Peters (“Cici”) is Vice President and Partner of USMDC. She has worked with The U.S.-Mexican Development Corporation since 1980; and has traveled and worked extensively in Mexico.

This is a positive story that offers hope for an enriched Mexican-American relationship, one that supports the prosperity and economic growth of both our nations, and one with a positive message of love and peace to Mexicans and Americans…and the whole world. An unusual contrast to the negative news about Mexico we’ve heard so much about in the States.

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