On today’s show we have a variety of poetry readings, as well as a brief Irish ditty in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day from our EtherTale Radio Players. We are also joined by Rolland G Smith, Re-known News Reporter and Published Poet reading some of his original works.

Part 1:
Readings from
Scott Paulson – Emily Dickenson, “I’m Nobody”; John Howard Payne, “Home Sweet Home.”; George Pope Morris – “Woodman, Spare That Tree”.

Ellen Lawson – 2 Shakespeare sonnets and Portia’s soliloquy from The Merchant of Venice (Act IV, Scene I) “The Quality of Mercy”. Ellen also sings a fragment of an old Irish song.

Gabriel Pan – Sara Teasdale, “A Ballad Of The Two Knights”; John Masefield – “A Ballad Of John Silver”; Robert Lee Frost, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Part 2:
Rolland G Smith shares readings from his various published works.
Quiet Musings
Sound Recording
Stone Wisdom
Encore: The Poetry of Nature