Soundoff #1

Challenges in the WS Radio Studios
New budget & distributing cuts
All for me, nothing for you – Trump policy
Kermit is out of a job and women minority business owners are hosed

Yanik Silver

He came over from Russia with his dad at 3 years old
What he did differently online to get to $1 million so fast
True success is a by product of perseverance
His unhappiness led to Maverick Adventures

Have there been any cereal bowl moments for you?
A new business model
“Good for you, I don’t have the money!”
The funeral industry and Evolved Enterprise

Have there been any moments?
We grow through joy or pain – joy is our GPS
He can throw a dinner party and not even show up!
The power of community
What’s next?
What’s keeping Yanik up at night?

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1 Soundoff #1
2 Yanik Silver