The Brian Britt Show Welcomes Travis Carter of Hughes Marino who has devoted his career to the commercial real estate community. He was selected by San Diego Metro magazine as one of the “40 under 40? young business and civic leaders helping to shape San Diego’s future.

“The Magical Economics Of Summer Happening In Winter”

Brian explains how the temporary economic effects of the 4th warmest winter in recorded history, combined with seasonal adjustment bonuses from the government, can make negative numbers appear positive. Is now the time to start selling your bonds and your gold and start buying stocks or is this just another example of Wall Street and the media lulling us in right before the slaughter?

“The Stock Market Is Back To 2007 Levels…Is The Economy?”

Brian gives you an inside look at the raw data and compares the economics of 2007 to today. Class is in session!

“What Are The Biggest Mistake