High blood pressure, or hypertension even has tension or stress right in its name. So many people suffer from high blood pressure, but how often is a question about stress or a strategy about stress even addressed? Do you know that being deficient in certain nutrients makes you more likely to succumb to stress? High blood pressure is not a consequence of aging, but a consequence of inflammation on your blood vessels. Natural therapies are highly effective for healing tissue and helping it respond correctly. A complete approach to hypertension involves identifying the tension in your life, retraining of the brain to reduce those signals, repletion of nutrients, and building health not only of the heart but of the vessel. The vessel is what regulates the reaction to stress, and interprets what the “stress glands,” the adrenals are telling it. Many people feel like once they are on a medication for blood pressure, they must be on it the rest of their life. This is not the case. You have to maintain a healthy blood pressure for the rest of your life to reduce the incidence of stroke and heart attack. There are many ways of doing this, from compounds found in celery leaves and eggplant, and beyond.