1An Estimation of IoT
Kyle Hamer, vice president of marketing, On Center Software, explains how IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are enabling those in the construction industry to manage information overload so they can find the data that they need to use. He talks about how estimators are using platforms to manage key information resulting in more accurate project timelines and costs.
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2 Smart Cities See the Light
Peggy looks at how major cities are turning toward smart-street lights to help save millions on energy, yet maintaining safety and comfort for the public. She says that with the ability to connect to mobile networks and connected devices, smart street lights can also function as digital signage, surveillance, chargers, environmental monitors, and much more.

3 Wall of Health
Joe Colistra, associate professor, School of Architecture, Design & Planning, University of Kansas, gives his predictions on how big data is set to emerge as a new natural resource to help develop smart homes and smart cities to deal with unlimited bandwidth. He discusses how biometric sensors embedded in the walls and floors of homes will open up new avenues for healthcare and predicting what patients may need next.
4 All Aboard Smart Railways
Peggy talks about the emergence of high-speed railway projects around the globe, and says that although they present great potential, many of them are faced by social, political, and financial roadblocks. She says a compromise must be made to move funding forward for these initiatives, as they aim to save energy and offer new alternatives when it comes to meeting the demands of fuel costs, customers, and delivery times.