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1 Alain Torres of the Power Couples Project joins Executive Life Coach Sophia Casey in The PLAYroom to discuss how power couples can ignite their passion in service of creating extraordinary things in the world.
2 Alain and Coach Casey chat about how it wasn't always roses in Alain's relationship and how they overcame the fire-enriched fighting and learned how to couple that power and learn to support each other in changing the world. Alain developed a model to help dynamic duo couples identify their Kryptonite - the breakdowns in their communication.
3 Alain shares that power couples can sometimes bump heads but focusing on how putting structures around work, play and love in place can support the you, your partner and the relationship.
4 Coach Casey and Alain Torres invite the PLAYmates to get supported around their power couple Kryptonite by taking the Kryptonite Quiz and learning more about their relationship dynamics by visiting