01 Saving the U.K. Infrastructure
Peggy says the National Infrastructure Commission in the U.K. completed its first report with findings that a smart-power revolution could be game-changing for the U.K. She explains governments need to be thinking about sustainability and how tech can help, and that is exactly what Chancellor George Osborne is doing with the commission.
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02 Time is Now for Verizon
Toni Oubari, strategic planning manager, new product development & innovation team, Verizon, says the time is now for Verizon to be involved in smart cities. She explains the company works with various cities to give them a taste of the IoT (Internet of Things) and helps them enable their objectives.
03 Smart-City Journey
David Brady, president, Bedford Park Village, says the village is an industrial business town and adding smart tech could help attract more technology-based businesses. He says choosing Verizon as a partner in the process was easy, as they have been a supplier of the village for years, and it was very aggressive in promoting its product.
04 IoT Helps Fight Zika Epidemic
Bruno Aracaty, co-founder, Colab.re, says his home state in Brazil is the epicenter of the Zika issue, which motivated him to create a platform that brings the citizens and government together to help fight the epidemic. The app crosses data from breeding areas with citizen-reported symptoms to help understand the relationship between breeding areas and where symptoms are being reported.