1 Peggy Smedley shares her insights into the industry by outlining the top five technologies in the construction space. Focusing on telematics, drones, and more. Peggy delves into how these technologies are impacting the jobsite.
2 Michael Zucchi, CEO, ZBRELLA Technology Consulting, will discuss the technologies coming to the ‘jobsite of the future’ and impact for the construction industry. He also will explain some of the consequences of resisting change for those who are not moving with the current of technology.
3 Don Kafka, CEO, ToolWatch Corp., explains the types of technology available to the construction industry today and if contractors are readily embracing RFID (radio-frequency identification). He will also touch on some of the issues around tracking construction assets.
4 Peggy Smedley continues the conversation from the beginning segment and discusses the importance of data at a jobsite, and why it is useful for workers to have access to it. She also explains how wearables are making an impact in the space.