here are two guests, who were both past residents of Logan Heights. My guests are Roger Talamantez and Gilbert Reyes. Both have family members that worked in the Canneries. They spoke about the difference employment at the cannery made in the life of their families. One advantage of working at the cannery is you qualified for credit in the local stores. Gilbert tells you of the many business and the closeness of the families that lived in the community. Gilbert’s father worked at the cannery and was a boxer who had the opportunity to become a professional boxer. Roger’s father worked downtown as a blue printer. He was ahead of his time in the fact that he understood the importance of being involved with your children and coached little league. Gilbert was one of the original members of the Los Lobos social Club and talks about the pride they had in the club and in the jacket they wore. Roger will talk about the contributions his mother and sister have made to Chicano Park.

1 Describing Logan Heights of days gone by; 2 Family members working at the Cannaries; 3 Los Lobos Social Club, playing baseball and the teen years 4 The future of Logan Heights, Chicano Park and a cultural center.