My guest on THE ENRICHMENT HOUR for Thursday, March 23rd, is the great Intuitive, KELLY POWERS.

Kelly Powers’ valuable insight and guidance has been sought by members of several White House administrations, members of the U.S. Congress, members of the Canadian parliament, as well as state cabinet members, artists and celebrities. Kelly’s remarkable work in the Theodore Bundy serial murders case is described in the book: ‘Theodore Bundy: The Killer Next Door’ by Steven Winn and David Merrill. Kelly’s work with novelist Rhett Devane serves as the inspiration for the psychic in her bestselling book: ‘The Madhatter’s Guide To Chocolate.’

Psychic investigator and author Dr. William Roll, a leading researcher in the field, has worked with Kelly in a variety of research settings. Dr. Roll has written more than 100 scientific papers, edited ten volumes of the series, “Research in Parapsychology,” and authored three books, most recently “Psychic Connections” (with Lois Duncan). He is the former president of the Psychical Research Foundation, formed at Duke University in 1961, to explore if life continues beyond death, and is chairman of the Parapsychological Services Institute.

Dr. Roll has said this about Kelly’s work:

“Kelly Powers is one of the most accurate intuatives I have worked with. The level of detail and accuracy found in Kelly’s work is quite remarkable. The depth of his concern and empathy for others is quite evident in his readings.” The accuracy and value of Kelly’s work is undeniable.”

To book a reading with Kelly, call him at 1.850.590.6993 or e-mail For more information on preparing for your session, see his web site:

Segment 1 - When did you realize you were intuitive? And who were your influences? / Segment 2 - Is Intuition a gift? Or a normal human ability? Is it related to empathy and sensitivity? / Segment 3 - What is the difference between "parapsychology" and "neurobiology" & "psychology" ? / Segment 4 - Do you have a spiritual or evolutionary view of human existence?