Host, Nina Woodard, Past President, San Diego Society for Human Resource Management

Guest, Amit Sangani, CEO, Strive 2B Fit

Amit Sangani, President

Strive! Personal Training Studios, Inc. and Corporate Fitness Programs

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01: Overview
This week, Host Nina Woodard speaks with guest, Amit Sangani, CEO of Strive 2B Fit. Amit discusses how the ACA focus on wellness provides tax credits for the wellness components of a health care plan offered by an employer. Organizations have to include certain standards in order to be eligible for the tax benefits that ACA compliance offers. Strive takes an individual approach to fitness and helps to meet individuals where their needs lie. Strive has several business streams: the individual fitness studio, the corporate wellness focus and the franchise focus. They customize their products and offerings to each individual’s needs so that the employer and the individual each get the best value for the money. Amit also discusses how corporate fitness programs can help create a work life balance for employees and individuals.
02: Benefits, Bottom Line, and The Strive Approach
In this segment, Nina and Amit discuss the benefits of corporate wellness, bottom line positive impact, and the Strive approach. Strive compliments and integrates into any existing wellness programs and works with insurance companies to help insure that the cost benefits are achieved with their wellness dollars. They serve national clients as well as California based clients.
03: Aligning Corporate Strategy and ROI
Amit and Nina discuss the link between Corporate Strategy and their wellness programs and the ROI reported from the Strive platform as well as the reduction in absenteeism and increase in engagement and employee satisfaction indices. It can also enhance TEAM BUILDING and CULTURE.
04: Tax Incentives and Conclusion
Amit addresses the tax incentives and regulatory standards that are part of the ACA. He shares that the incentives can be up to 50% of the cost as a tax advantage for an employer. From an individual standpoint, having a wellness program can directly impact an organization’s and employee’s ability to cope with and survive the VUCA world.