1 Opening the Book on Smart Cities
Peggy begins the show with a discussion on how several major college campuses are proving to be an exciting testing ground for smart-city solutions. She says since the environment combines education, research, and innovation that could lead to safer and well-managed schools, and it offers a better selling point for students and parents when considering schools.
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2 Holding Back on Telematics
Tony Nicoletti, VP, business development & strategy, DPL Telematics, explains how the ability to link IoT tracking devices with engine data has given a boom to telematics companies when it comes to improving theft protection, idle time, warranties, as well as meeting better traffic and environmental regulations. He says the implementation phase is more important than some companies may think, as they need to ensure systems are set up correctly to achieve the best data possible.
3 Evolving the Internet
Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager, IoT and applications, Cisco Systems Inc., says the Internet we have built must evolve into something greater in order to fully handle the IoT. He predicts that without simplicity and adequate security protocols or standards in place during implementation, it may be hard to pinpoint decisions made between people and “things.”
4 Putting Infrastructure to the Test
Peggy talks about the recent grading of America’s infrastructure from the American Society of Civil Engineers. She says since a large portion of our infrastructure is failing and many companies are reaching the end of their service life, something must be done to improve investment, leadership, and preparations for projects in the future.