While many people think that seasonal allergies are just a burden to bear, it does not have to be this way. With new data coming out about many of the over the counter medications used around allergies contributing to dementia and Alzheimer’s, it makes it even more important to find other methods to control symptoms. In fact, we can go way beyond symptom control, into why has your body become hyper-sensitized in the first place. Natural medicine can be used to retrain the immune system so that it is not reacting to life on planet earth. You can’t remove the sea of pollen or the other offending invaders in the environment such as dust and pets, however you can make your body more resilient. Resilience to histamine comes from building adrenal function which makes our body’s natural anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol. Also, working with gut based health is a critical strategy to getting histamine down and under control. By looking at foods and flora or bacteria from the intestine we can determine major sources of histamine outside of environmental allergies. As you improve this area, you lower histamine that comes from internal sources goes down meaning you tolerate the increases that come from seasonal exposure. Your immune system is not meant to fight pollen or things in the environment, and by working with the body we can retrain the immune system to act appropriately.