Esther Sanchez was born and raised in Oceanside. This was in the days when Oceanside was a little military town and did not have the large population it has now. After high school she attended Brown University. Esther said that was the first time she felt she was different. While at Brown she became interested in ethnic studies , the Watergate situation and the farm workers struggle. She came home for a year and decided to take a Chicano studies class. She says she wanted to know “who she was.” She got her law degree at Hasting and passed the bar on her first try. The interned in the law office of Richard Castillo. While working there her interest in civil rights. She made the decision to run for council person in Oceanside and has been a member of the council . Her interest on the council is everything from Community Policing, senior services, and growth. She is still evaluating if she will run for the Board of Supervisors . There has Never been a Latino on the Board of Supervisor. She will probably make this decision by mid May.

1 Growing up in Oceanside / 2 Going to College and Law School / 3 Running for City Council. Changes she has seen and been a part of many of the changes to Oceanside. / 4 What is in her future?