Richard Goodwin is a former renowned real estate developer, founder/chairman of The Middle East Peace Dialogue Network (MEPDN), strong advocate of alternative energy and climate change awareness, and founder of The Goodwin Foundation. Both MEPDN and Goodwin Foundation are ably run by his daughter Joanna Goodwin Friedman. The Foundation has supported more than 100 organizations and programs focused on health, community service, women’s and children’s welfare and peace. The Middle East Peace Dialogue Network, supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as essential to Israel’s long-term survival as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people.

On tonight’s show, I will also talk to Richard about The Federal Reserve System and his latest concerns about the Fed. In particular, his concerns about the Fed’s raising of interest rates in the midst of the rising national debt, and its effects on companies, harm to employment and our economic stability.

Segment 1 - Concerns about actions of the Federal Reserve / Segment 2 - Latest thoughts on Trump Administration policies / Segment 3 - Middle East / Segment 4 - Thoughts about Future