1Autonomous Vehicles and Distracted Driving
Peggy kicks off Distracted Driving Awareness Month by sharing daunting statistics in vehicle accidents due to distracted drivers. Despite the numbers, many people still give into distracted driving. Peggy describes two major problems in the area of distracted driving. She says the message is not reaching teenagers, and that many people are not taking responsibilities for replicating the problem. She explains how autonomous vehicles factor into the equation. In the end, she states that all drivers can commit to being responsible on the road.
2A Discussion about Distracted Driving
Beth Mosher, director of public affairs, AAA, joins Peggy in the studio to talk about distracted driving in depth. She describes multiple ways a driver can experience cognitive distractions. Further, she discusses the safety involved with autonomous vehicles, and the need for professional training for consumers who purchase cars with autonomous systems. She goes into detail about the process of adopting a set of safety patterns, and the time and difficulty it takes for everyone to be on board.
3Entrepreneurial Leadership
Peggy welcomes Rob Mathews, coauthor of Entrepreneurship the Disney Way, to the show to discuss the differences between entrepreneur and enterprise leaders. He explains that many innovators can’t turn their ideas into business models, whereas established companies work under a set of systems. He talks about the key elements all leaders share and the importance behind supporting business disruption in order to follow innovative trends.