What is Artificial Intelligence / A.I. and how should your business be utilizing it, is the topic of this episode.
We are joined by Daniel Huss, Founder of Gravity AI, and Marty Beard, Co-Founder of Always AI, who share their insights.
Gravity AI has created a Marketplace for A.I. solutions, to help businesses take advantage of this technology.
Always AI, focuses on Vision oriented AI solutions for Government and Businesses, Large and Small.

1 What is Artificial Intelligence, and How is it being Applied in Health Care, in a COVID-19 focused World
2 A.I. Solutions for All Businesses, What is Digital Twinning, and How can Your Company Benefit from a Marketplace of A.I. Solutions
3 Visual A.I. Solutions are an Important Part of the World of Artificial Intelligence
4 How and Where Vision based A.I. is Currently Part of Your World and How Your Businesses can Benefit from it's Application