We are joined by Rachael Orose, VP, Network & Business Development for The Molina Foundation and Amanda Bonds, Program Director, Words Alive. We learned about the work that The Molina Foundation is doing in response to resource deficits that slow the development and reading skills of low-income children. In addition to distributing books, The Molina Foundation is generating its own content and has produced an activity book, “On My Way to Kindergarten”. Words Alive is inspiring a commitment to reading and adding to its impact by partnering with The Molina Foundation to bring resources where they are most needed.

In our second segment, Kyle Zimmer, President, CEO, and Founder of First Book, speaks passionately about the work First Book is doing to advance educational equity by removing barriers to learning. Through innovative models, First Book empowers a growing network of 400,000+ educators at schools and programs serving children/families in need.

1 The Molina Foundation/Words Alive with Rachael Orose and Amanda Bonds
2 First Book, with CEO/President/Co-Founder, Kyle Zimmer