Segment 1: The PGK Project
Peter Kalivas, Artistic Director for The PGK Dance Project, talks about the 24-year history of PGK; the upcoming Mashed Up Songs & Dances performances on April 20-22 at The Lyceum Space; and the Dance Project’s outreach to underserved communities. Kalivas is joined by Barb Shoenhofer, who will be performing in Mashed Up Songs & Dances.

Segment 2: Hemlock Society of San Diego
Faye Girsh, President and Founder of the Hemlock Society of San Diego, discusses the mission of the Society to educate the community on their legal end-of-life choices. Girsh chats about current laws for self-determination at end of life, along with broader provisions in other countries for ending one’s life.

1 The PGK Project
2 Hemlock Society of San Diego