AI Rises Up in Manufacturing

Peggy carries on a conversation about manufacturing and AI (artificial intelligence). She points to numbers that say AI has the potential to add $14 trillion in gross revenue to 16 different industries by 2035.

She also:

Identifies the various ways that AI can help businesses.
How factories can capture the best of both worlds, with humans at the helm and automation all around.
Looks at how BMW Group leverages data to make production processes better.

A New Generation of Manufacturing

Peggy and Michael Grant, CTO, DataProphet, talk about how manufacturing is evolving, and how AI (artificial intelligence) and data can help move businesses forward. He says to understand where Industry 4.0 takes us we need to understand where we are standing right now.

They also discuss:

How different generations impact our business and how wise, sage advice can be held in production data.
The journey to autonomous manufacturing—and some examples.
The changes that will be brought about in manufacturing due to COVID-19.
Dollar savings and safety benefits that come out of reactive vs. prescriptive.


An Essential Business

Peggy and Terry Boe, MultiTech, talk about essential items and businesses during times of COVID-19 and how everyone in the supply chain has to play their part during these times. He says everyone is important to the supply chain and any missing piece can shut down an industry.

They also discuss:

Why MultiTech is considered an essential business.
What it has done to minimize risk to workers in the factory and how it educates employees.
Why the tech world is full of “here today, gone tomorrow” innovations, but MultiTech continues to deliver essential technology.

1 AI Rises Up in Manufacturing
2 A New Generation of Manufacturing
3 An Essential Business