1Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
Peggy begins the show by highlighting the changing relationship between humans and machines. She talks about the increase in autonomous and intelligent systems in the workplace. She encourages a public discussion, which confronts ethical questions. She brings up the IEEE, which recommends a set of principles when implementing AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning into a worksite. Tech giants show support for ethical conversations, but Peggy asks: how much is their concern for show, and how much of their support sincere?
2Distracted Driving Syndrome
With Distracted Driving Awareness Month underway, Lisa Robinson, senior program manager, National Safety Council, joins Peggy to talk about patterns in distracted driving. She explains there is an increase in accidents due to distracted driving. She says many drivers exhibit a not-me syndrome, where many drivers are not taking accountability for their bad habits behind the wheel. She adds 100% of distracted driving is preventable. All it takes is to just drive.
3Breaking Bad Driving Habits
Scott Tibbitts, CEO and founder, Katasi, adds to the conversation about distracted driving, and offers a software solution. He talks about his software-as-a-service platform, which blocks off notifications while a driver has their vehicle in motion. He notes many users find the application helpful, and even say, they are able to relax without the pressure of having to answer their phone notifications.