The show opens with a short discussion about Maria Garcia’s book La Neighbor: A Settlement House in Logan Heights followed by the interview with Luis Aragon. Luis was born in San Bernardino. When his father got a job in Plaster City the family moved to El Centro and then to Calexico. Luis is the youngest of nine children all college educated and established. Luis credits his mother with familiarizing him with Ivy League school. He attended Yale, and then Georgetown Law School. He describes himself as a nerd. His work in the DA”s office was where he says you do everything. He spent six years working on hate crimes and worked with drafting legislation that strengthen penalties for those involved with hate crimes. He is also past president of La Raza Lawyers. and has received honors for his work as a prosecutor. He is president of two community organization -Border Angels which advocates for justice for immigrants. and Teatro Mascara Magica -a community theater groups. He has co authored the books for three musicals.

1 Growing up in the Imperial Valley / 2 Yale and Law School / 3 Working in the DA's office and focusing on hate crimes./ 4 Border Angeles and Treato Mascar Majica.