• Liz Fraumann, Executive Director, Securing Our eCity Foundation – In-Studio
• PhD Gordon Romney, Director of the Center for Cyber Security Engineering and Technology,
Professor of Cybersecurity and Computer Science, Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering,
University of San Diego
Founder and Member of Board of Directors of the Cyber Security Institute of San Diego
Member of Advisory Board of the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame
Tasked with selecting new inductees into the NCS Hall of Fame.

Other members of the Board include:
David Bell. Co-author of the Bell-La La Padula model of computer security
Richard Alan Clarke. Developed and found sponsorship for legislation which created
the Cyber Corps and lead the development of the first National Plan for Cyber
Martin Hellman. Best known for his invention, with Diffie and Merkle, of public
key cryptography.
Mischel Kwon. Mischel Kwon and Associates LLC is a minority, women-owned
small business focused on security architecture, cyber tool development, testing
and integration, security operations, and cyber defense.
Eugene H. Spafford, PhD. One of the most recognized leaders in the field of
Computing; Professor with an appointment in Computer Science at Purdue
University, where he has been a member of the faculty since 1987.

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