Cybersecurity in an Era of COVID-19

Hackers are taking this opportunity to target businesses. Were we truly ready to work remotely? Peggy talks cybersecurity and explains how businesses can protect themselves during COVID-19 and prevent viruses from spreading like physical ones.

She also discusses:

• Where weaknesses lie with those who are working from home.

• Tips to protect your company and remote workers

• How to step up cyber hygiene standards.

Three Steps to Cybersecurity

Peggy and Lance Spitzner, director, SANS Security Awareness, talk about the three key steps to follow to secure you at home. He says we have to become our own security teams because bad guys take advantage of our current sense of urgency.

They also discuss:

• The top ways cyber criminals are getting in.

• Two security challenges in the era of COVID-19.

• The steps to protecting online for both work and home: you, password, and updating.

Protection during a Vulnerable Time

Peggy and Tina Gravel, SVP global channels and alliances, AppGate, talk about how to protect individuals, companies, and government at a time when we are most vulnerable. She says we are so worried about our families and jobs and nefarious people will take advantage.

They also:

• Identify how to go above and beyond to protect ourselves today.

• Define zero trust and why it is important today.

• Talk about why new networks are like Swiss cheese and how new technology can help.

1 Cybersecurity in an Era of COVID-19
2 Three Steps to Cybersecurity
3 Protection during a Vulnerable Time