Successful people need to manage and invest their wealth, and many reach a point in their lives when they want to invest in a product or an organization that they know is making this world a better place—they are very conscious that they have done well and now they want to see others do well. They want to do good in the world. In this episode we shine our spot light on a convergence of the worlds of Investing, Education, and International Development.
Our guest is Paula Cordeiro, VP of Education for Edify, a micro-lending nonprofit that provides training and financial services to low-fee private schools in eleven countries.
Paula assists NGOs, foundations, schools and universities with leadership training, curriculum development, using mobile technology for professional development, evaluation and research. She works with donors, foundations, principals/directors, school proprietors, faculty, ministries of education, NGOs, and community groups.
Her interests are in social entrepreneurship, educational leadership, women entrepreneurs, international education development, and philanthropy.
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