Essential Today, Virtualized Tomorrow

Peggy and Dan Rodriguez, corporate vice president and general manager, network platforms group, Intel Corp., discuss why technology is essential today and what is coming in the future. He says digital infrastructure and networking is what is allowing us to keep many businesses continuing.

They also discuss:

· If COVID-19 will have an impact on 5G and what is coming next for different vertical industries.

· The prediction that by 2024, more than 80% of deployed solutions will be virtualized and the two fundamental movements that have led it.

· The huge ($65 billion) opportunity that the network and the edge represents.

· How Intel is investing in 5G and some of the investments it is doing in collaboration with the IoT group.


Intel and the Innovation Evolution

Peggy and Jeni Panhorst, vice president, Data Platforms Group, and general manager, Network & Edge Platforms Division, Intel Corp., talk about how technology can address enterprise problem statements. She says the pervasive capabilities we use today are things we didn’t even dream of, and today, with the upswing of edge computing, it is a platform for innovation for all use cases that are yet to be invented.

She also discusses:

• Advantages of the edge in industrial automation, retail, and other industries.

• The evolution of how enterprise generated data is created and processed.

• How Intel is evolving with the changing demands of the market and is driving network transformation.

• The next frontier for Intel: the wireless access network and the Atom P5900.


Inside Intel’s Journey

Peggy and Lynn Comp, vice president, Data Platforms Group, and general manager, Visual Infrastructure Division and NPG Strategy, Intel Corp., talk about the company’s journey to virtualize the network and make it cloud native. She talks about the edge and how it gives software flexibility and innovation capabilities.

They also discuss:

• What 5G is going to bring to the industry.

• The wave of creativity and innovation made possible with edge and 5G.

• How everything is going to be AI-enabled, allowing people to run different workloads.

• The importance of sitting down with customers to understand service flow.


Every Microsecond Counts

Peggy and Steve Schultz, vice president, Connectivity Group, and director, Business Execution Ethernet Products Group, Intel Corp., talk about how Intel invests in Ethernet. He says the Ethernet 700 Series includes enhanced precision time stamping or time protocol.

They also discuss:

• Use cases for this technology in delivery of services, delivery of goods, and emergency response.

• How 5G will save lives and make our lives better.

• New Ethernet products that Intel is bringing to market this year.


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2 Virtualized Tomorrow
3 Intel and the Innovation Evolution
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