Richard Hollis, CEO of Holonis, leads a roundtable of business people in discussing how they are using technology, adapting to an internet centric world and staying competitive in their markets.

Tony Marcum, Owner, Vegas Group Entertainment

Fabrice Gould, Founder and CEO, Diggen

Jerry Strayve, Financial Advisor, WestPac Wealth Partners

The overall theme of this episode is a discussion of how totally diverse companies
are utilizing Holonis to market their businesses. Holonis is a new modernized marketplace that provides each business with a dedicated exclusive digital space that integrates all the integral component parts of the Internet to work together as one complete system. This simplifies the complexity of succeeding into today’s digital economy. Now any business of any size has powerful enterprise level software to optimize their digital presence to thrive online. Each business discusses their experience utilizing the Holonis marketplace to market their business and what it takes to succeed online. The Founder and CEO of Holonis describes the challenges businesses face online and the solution their technology offers to any business. What Holonis is offering is revolutionary because they are empowering businesses with such powerful technology that they can effectively reboot the economy to the digital age.