1 Caught Driving No-Handed
Peggy starts off distracted-driving month by setting the scene and asking how would you react to being pulled over for driving while on a mobile device? She then discusses how places around the world are using tactics like undercover cars, dump trucks, and even hearses to catch distracted drivers to further educate about the dangers.
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2 A New Plan for Distracted Driving
Dan Ronan, vice president of strategic communications, Intelligent Transportation Society of America, explains how ITS America is linking together academics, business, and research to help cities and infrastructure approach new options for handling distracted driving. He further discusses a new road map for intelligent transportation that looks at core issues cities and even the government may be facing, as well as the inclusion of V2V technology.
3 No Excuses behind the Wheel
Joel Feldman, president of Casey Feldman Foundation and founder of EndDD.org, End Distracted Driving, shares a personal connection to his crusade against distracted driving and says enforcement, legislation, technology, and education must be elevated to combat the rising number of accidents. He says although parents are setting a bad example for kids when it comes to texting and driving, he believes teenagers have the potential to change.
4 Coaching Distracted Drivers
Peggy ends the show by talking about how enterprises are developing new ways to keep employees safe on the road through telematics data. She looks at how businesses are using video monitoring to assess behavior behind the wheel and establish new ways to coach drivers.