When we hear the word “design”, we’ve all got our own ideas for what it means. Most of us think of nifty graphics, modern websites, sleek products and stylish interiors. But what about processes and experiences? These have to be designed too, and all these things benefit from the concept of Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is actually a problem-solving protocol whereby multidisciplined teams define problems, create and consider options, refine and execute improvements. Then there’s the idea of a Design Sprint, where you confine all that activity to an intensive five-day cycle.

Scott Robinson is the founder of FreshForm, a San Diego design and innovation agency. Scott joined us in the studio to tell us more about Design Thinking, Design Sprints and how leading companies are leveraging design to improve in all sorts of ways. Even some companies you might not expect have become leading Design Thinking innovators!

1 What Is Design Thinking?
2 Design Thinking and the Customer Experience
3 Design Sprint: 5 Days of Transformation
4 Who's Doing It?