My guests on “The Enrichment Hour” for Sunday, April 6 are: in the first half hour, spiritual teacher David Fishman, a leading teacher of “A Course In Miracles” for over 30 years. He has used its principles of spiritual psychology as a basis for relationship counseling. David is the author of “The Open Mind: Loving Your Self”; and “Into Oneness: Thoughts and Prayers on the Way.”
David moderates A Course In Miracles meetings on the Internet and maintains a website – One Mind Foundation – and radio station ACIM Radio – at Since 1998 he was the Chair of the Human Rights Commission of Yonkers and also served as Commissioner.
David is co-founder of ONEMIND Foundation, sponsor of ACIM Gather, a worldwide portal for developing trust in our True Self; and Open Minds for ACIM & NTI, a very active page on Facebook and a forum for members to share their insights and blessings. ACIM Gather has become, where David is presently Vice President of the Board of Trustees.
In the second half hour, my guests are Jan Fredericks, founder and president of God’s Creatures Ministry, and her colleague, Board Member Mary Sepede. God’s Creatures Ministry advances compassion and support for all our animal friends, who like us are members of God’s Kingdom. They oppose cruelty to animals, whether the mistreated animals on factory farms, or at animal shelters.
They sponsor various programs, including various vet/medical funding programs.
God’s Creatures Ministry website is at:
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1 David Fishman
2 David Fishman
3 Jan Fredericks and Mary Sepede
4 Jan Fredericks and Mary Sepede