Doug Johnson - Debt Relief Advocates Can you imagine ever being free?  These people got there. So can you. Read More...

Doug Johnson a Consumer on Solutions for Student Loan Problems.

He is a consumer advocate at with the Truth about debt relief !

Photo: Doug Bishop talking cars

Doug Johnson owner of Military Auto Center helps 

Radio Jack diagnose car vibration problems.

Martin Learn president of Home Energy Systems tells us why the Sub Station shooting is important is critical.

Jimmy Z and  Tony at Poway Fun Bowl  


 BreeAnne Manager at Poway Digiplex Theater 


Luis Nava a Google Maps business view Trusted Photographer

1 Radio Jack with Doug Johnson
2 Radio Jack with Doug Bishop Car Vibrations
3 Radio Jack with Martin Learn Shots fired on electric sub station.
4 Radio Jack with Jimmy Z at Poway Fun Bowl; Breanne at Poway Digiplex; Google Maps Business View Trusted Photographer Luis Nava