Weight loss is not instant and its not easy, but it is well researched and one of the most effective therapies not only for heart disease, but also for prevention of dementia and even cancers. Simply put, weight maintenance is one of the most researched therapies not for one conditions but for many chronic conditions. Weight loss is effective, and follows our mission statement of “first do no harm.” At Progressive, not only will you work with Medical doctors, dietitians and health coaches, but you will have a very comprehensive metabolic work up. This metabolic work up is what sets this Weight Loss Journey apart. Without knowing your own metabolic type you may be eating “healthy” foods, you may be doing “healthy exercises,” but it turns out they are not healthy for you. Our work up starts with your genetics, and then measures functionally where those genetics are taking you. We do blood work to see what foods are right for you, what nutrients you are low in that may slow you weight loss, and identify other metabolic markers that slow you down in terms of being able to burn calories effectively. This weight loss journey is not a diet plan, its not even a weight loss plan, its a forever lifestyle plan. You will learn how to get healthy, but most importantly, how to stay healthy. At the end of this journey, you will be at a new beginning. This new beginning is putting you in a place of empowerment, empowered about how you look and how you feel, but most importantly empowered to take back your health. This is a 16 week journey to a new you.