1 Distracted Driving Picks Up Speed
Peggy gives listeners the hard facts on how the number of motor vehicle deaths has hit an all-time high, and how distracted driving is a leading factor in that alarming trend. She looks at research suggesting that distracted drivers display longer reaction times and explains how hands-free devices can still pull driver focus away from the road.
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2 Uncovering Distractions
Mike Kellenyi, founder, People Against Distracted Driving, talks turning tragedy into a force that is saving lives of distracted driving through educational programs across the country. He discusses how law enforcement is more capable of reporting distracted driving in accidents, and explains why targeting kids on the dangers of the distracted driving will engrain better habits behind the wheel in the future.
3 Distracted Culture
Deborah Trombley, senior program manager, Transportation Initiatives, National Safety Council Distracted Driving Program, shares her thoughts on startling research that shows a rise in roadway deaths and says the role of distracted driving is understated. She says we live in a culture that embraces and encourages multitasking, but urges that individuals and enterprises take a step back so people can focus on the task at hand: driving.
4 Sleeping at the Wheel
Peggy talks about a new survey revealing that many people believe autonomous vehicles will stop distracted driving once and for all. But what will they do once the car takes the wheel? While some respondents said they will use that time for work, relaxation, entertainment, and even romantic purposes, Peggy says they still need to be alert and prepared for possible disengagement.