My guests on THE ENRICHMENT HOUR for Sunday, April 12th are JASON HABER, Director for Aspen, Colorado’s Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE), and RICHARD GOODWIN, my prior guest on March 22nd, who supports CORE and the work of other renewable energy organizations. Richard had his own home retrofitted through CORE’s guidance.

Jason Haber is the Grants and Community Programs Director for Aspen, Colorado’s Community Office for Resource Efficiency – also known as CORE. CORE’s website is at: Another useful website is:

Mr. Haber works with residents, businesses, non-profits, utility providers and public agencies throughout Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental sustainability. He also assists communities in developing and implementing strategic environmental sustainability plans.

Prior to joining CORE in 2009, Mr. Haber served as Economic Development Director for the Town of Snowmass Village, CO and worked for the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Santa Barbara, CA. His professional responsibilities have centered around project management, policy development and program implementation in the areas of energy and the environment, community and economic development, infill and redevelopment, capital improvements and public infrastructure, public finance and asset management. Mr. Haber holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and served one four-year term as a Snowmass Village Town Council Member.

Returning with us is my guest on March 22nd – DR. RICHARD GOODWIN, Chairman and Founder of the Middle East Peace Dialogue Network, Inc. (,who has focused on making Middle East peace a reality since the early 1980′s. He has supported more than 75 Jewish and Palestinian groups in Israel that promote dialogue, cooperation and tolerance throughout the years.

Richard is intimately connected with CORE and renewable energy resources, including the retrofitting of homes – and that includes his own home in Snowmass. He’s also been a supporter of American Renewable Energy Institute (http://www.areday(dot)net/arei/arei.html) and we’ll also ask him about their work.