Faith…Family…and… Freedom Redux…

Daily Dialogue with Doris puts together a unique show on faith,family and freedom. Host Doris Rivas-Brekke starts out by sharing some big news from her sponsor Fantastic Sams, which is the opening of their third
location in San Diego. Doris also touches on a product review she did on an earlier show
on some Fantastic Sams hair products. She is so excited about these products that she has to
talk about them one more time! Then she talks about all the exciting events she has been attending,which
are part of her show networking plan for 2016. In one day, she attended two major events. The
first event was unexpected, but one that she felt she had to go to. And that was seeing a past show guest
speak, that was best selling author and famous pastor, Dr.Robert J. Morgan. Then later that
night, Doris attended the “Black & White VIP Party” for the Music Therapy for Veterans Organization;
hosted by singing sensation, Floyd A. Smith, a member of the famous group “The Fifth Dimension”!
By popular demand,Segments 2 with the Captain Care people, founder Phyllis Kuehn and volunteer Jill Overdorf
and Segment 3 with Damsel in Defense representative and animal advocate, Stephanie Gregg,
are repeated from the last show on the animalrescue world. Host Doris Rivas-Brekke, comes back on the last segment to give her thoughts on the animal rescue world. She talks about what she has learned so far in such a short time and why it is so important for her to continue fighting for the innocent shelter animals…
God bless this mission and God bless America!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke's monologue
2 Repeat with Captain Care Organization founder Phyllis Kuehn & volunteer Jill Overdorf
3 Repeat with Damsel in Defense and animal rescue advocate Stephanie Gregg
4 Host Doris returns with more thoughts on the animal rescue world