Have you ever wondered how to get your message heard amidst the “noise” of competitors out there? How do others find you in this digital age? Is there a way to stand-out amidst the crowd and have those needing your services or product find you, and buy from you? That is the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short). How do buyers find you online, and what can you do to make it easier to be found?

Listen as R. J. Kelly interviews two of San Diego’s leading SEO, Social Media & internet marketing experts, Krish Coughran & John Lincoln, co-founders of Ignite Visibility, LLC., rated California’s #1 SEO company and one of the top two in the nation.www.ignitevisibility.com or call 619.752.1955.

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1 The "why behind the what?" What drew you into this space?
2 Finding $2M of new revenue for a client using SEO techniques
3 What questions to ask a prospective firm before hiring them to help?
4 What are the six principles of influencing potential clients?