01 Is It Worth the Risk?
Peggy shares shocking statistics from the National Safety Council saying motor deaths increased by 8% in 2015 over 2014. She says the message still needs to be heard because if we look at these statistics we see that things are getting worse, not better.
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02 Teens Against Distracted Driving
Jason Epstein, trial attorney and founder, (TADD)Teens Against Distracted Driving says every day he deals with the repercussions of deadly car accidents and thought there must be something he could do. He says distracted driving isn’t just about texting, which prompted him to put together an organization that reaches out to teen drivers to adopt safe driving behaviors at an early age.
03 Head-Up Display Solution
Irina Slavina, spokesperson, Hudway, LLC, explains the Hudway Glass, the first of its kind head-up display for smartphones. She explains the goal is to provide an affordable solution for any vehicle that helps keep phones out of driver’s hands and their eyes on the road.
04 Be Part of the Solution
Peggy shares some solutions that can work together to put an end to the distracted-driving epidemic. She says raising awareness and education are the best tools for reducing driver distraction. Peggy urges her audience to use their influence and spread the message that whatever it is, it can wait.