1 Coach Sophia Casey has an attitude about this book! Her attitude calms as she welcomes Charles Rawlings in The PLAYroom to do some explaining. His penetratingly real conversational book, It Really Is That Complicated, is packed full of riveting, controversial topics, opinions and stories of the dating drama women and men experience. Charles Rawlings is a neurosurgeon, medical malpractice attorney and vocal author and he leaves no opinion out related to relationships, sex, and dating.
2 Coach Casey and Charles dive into the conversation of women wanting bad boys instead of guys who easily and instantly show them attention. Of course Coach Casey has something to say about that on behalf of her PLAYmates who love a mixture! Charles Rawlings shares hold the games we play in dating is a waste of time, drives men mad and oftentimes doesn't lead to marriage.
3 Coach Sophia Casey and Charles Rawlings discuss Charles' controversial chapter on the cost of dating (All Women Are Prostitutes) and Coach Casey can barely sit still on the microphone! Charles explains and offers some great tips for the dating world and explains psychodynamic horrors. Yikes!
4 Coach Sophia Casey and author Charles Rawlings wrap up this heated conversation with some hope for the dating population - it's possible to have the love you want but you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.