Roger Cazares and Augie Bareno two very successful community members discuss the childhood when living in Shelltown. Shelltown is the area around St Jude’s Church with such names as Delta, Beta and Epsilon. If your wondering how Shelltown got it’s name tune in and find out. The role that sports, neighbors and families played in their growing up is discussed in great detail. In the early 50’s Shelltown flooded and the U.S. Navy had to rescues the residents. Both men remembered being in these boats with family members and pets. Roger and Augie became active in the Chicano Community. Augie working for the County and as a Southwestern college board member. Roger as Director of MACC. Under Rogers direction MACC became of the most successful grass root organization in San Diego. Augie worked at the County when the Consent degree was put in place and discusses some of the steps involved in putting it in to place. Roger shares his pride in establishing CASA de Milagros. Both men remain active in politics and in supporting the Chicano Community.

1 Growing up in Shelltown / 2 Sports, Friendships and Politics / 3 The military and the role Southwestern College played in their life. / 4 Accomplishments and looking at the future.