Peggy Smedley discusses how the iPad may cause a paradigm shift in the marketplace by offering users a monthly data plan with no contract and no cap on data usage, as well as how this will affect AT&T, which will host the device on its 3G network. Smedley also talks about how the touchscreen is becoming an important feature on connected mobile devices.;
Jon Bryan, managing director, Retrieva Ltd., talks about the Retrieva Collar, the company8217;s dog tracking solution and how it helps pet owners keep track of their animals from anywhere via a computer or Web-enabled phone. He also talks about the three specific types of technology the solution uses and what some of the other industries are that could benefit from such a solution.;
Daniel Johnston, product communications manager, Volvo Cars of North America, talks about Volvo8217;s Pedestrian Detection system and how it can automatically apply the vehicle8

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